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RPSU is an institution of the Kumudini Welfare Trust (KWT). To understand RPSU one must turn the folders of history and look back at how KWT came into being and what it stands for.

It all began in the early 1930s when the great philanthropist, R P Shaha set up a dispensary at his village home in Mirzapur at Tangail which in 1944 was transformed into a 750 bed free modern hospital named Kumudini Hospital. This was followed by establishment of Bharateswari Homes, Kumudini Girls College and Debendra College.

The desire of providing free health care to the poor as well as education stemmed from the very fact that R P Shaha himself as a very young boy saw his mother dying for lack of medical care and he not being able to pursue education beyond grade three. Through hard work, sincerity and a bit of good luck R P Shaha turned into a rich man. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan on a visit to Kumudini Complex at Mirzapur in the mid-fifties wrote in the visitor's book:

"A poor man became a millionaire, and the millionaire voluntarily became a poor man, spending hisall in the service of humanity, fort he suffering and the distressed, for the furtherance of education, for rendering a service to the State, which the state itself has not undertaken. But is the Rai Bahadurpoor; he is rich in the esteem, in the affection, in the love of a grateful people; having given all his worldly possessions, he has obtained more than those who were his compeers.May that state and the people he has served so well give him that recognition which is his due, and not destroy the great institution he has built with such love and devotion".

Unfortunately, this great man was abducted by the Pakistan Army during our war of liberation and was never seen again.

Post 1971 the Trust has been able to set up a Women's Medical College along with a Dental Unit as well as a Nursing Institute and a Nursing College. Having the long experience in the field of education, the Trust considered it to be an obligation to move into the arena of higher education and that is how RPSU has come into being.

The underlying philosophy of RPSU is to bring out self renewing community of graduates, who are inspired by the commitment, passion and hard work characteristic of Kumudini way of life, in establishing justice, fairness and caring at all levels of society. The courses and curricula of RPSU have been developed by renowned professors who are specialists in their respective field keeping those abreast with the latest in the field of study.

RPSU is one of the very few universities which started functioning on its own campus right from the very first day. The campus is on 15 acres of serene land on the bank of river Shitalakhya. It is in a lush green environment conducive to the pursuit of learning. In addition it has all the facilities that make a modern university.

Finally to our prospective students; I am sure those of you who have decided to study at RPSU have made the most important and right decision of your career. Whether you want to study literature or design machinery, engineer robots or run a bank, train to be a teacher or lawyer, RPSU is the place to unleash your potential and achieve your best. We are here to transform your dream into reality!

I wish you all a successful and satisfying time at RPSU.

Thank you.

Rajiv Prasad Shaha
Board of Trustees
R. P. Shaha University Trust