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R. P. Shaha University (RPSU) is a unit of Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd. The Trust is the realization of a dream, the seedling of which was born as a cry of outrage in the heart of a helpless 7-year old boy, who watched his mother die from post-natal tetanus resulting from negligence and a lack of proper medical care. Later, after many years of struggle this boy grew to be one of the leading businessmen of Bengal. But despite having the option of living a life of luxury, Ranada Prasad Shaha did not forget the promise he made. He devoted the rest of his life working towards the upliftment of the poor and the needy and the empowerment of women. In 1947, Mr. Shaha established Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd, which till today continues its work in the areas of healthcare and education in an effort to create an inclusive society, free from discrimination. Among the units of the Trust are:

Kumudini Hospital The journey of the hospital began in 1938 with the establishment of Shova Sundari Dispensary. This slowly grew into a hospital. Through continuous expansion over the years Kumudini Hospital has grown into a 1050-bed General Hospital. The hospital has a long history of working for the poor and vulnerable segments of society, including persons with disabilities. In its early years of functioning, child brides and widows, who were social outcasts, were trained as nurses and employed in the hospital. Some children with disabilities were enrolled in the Bharateswari Homes as students. The hospital also employed a number of persons with disabilities. Wooden ramps were installed in the hospital premises. The hospital provided health care for persons with visual and hearing impairment. Cataract surgeries were performed and hearing screening done. Treatment for club foot was made available in the sixties. The hospital provided treatment to fistula patients. The hospital continues to provide all these services with enhanced capacity and quality.

Bharateswari Homes Established in 1945 in the name of his great grandmother, Bharateswari Homes is a fully residential Girls’ School well-known for its unique approach to education. Besides academic education, emphasis is also placed on extra-curricular activities e.g. physical education, debate, dance, music, etc.  The school is known for the physical education displays of its students and has won numerous accolades at national Level. Bharateswari Homes is also the recipient of the Independence Day Medal (Shadinota Dibosh Padak) -2020.

Kumudini Nursing School & College (KNS&C) - Established in 1971 as a Nursing School, KNS&C provides Diploma and B Sc in Nursing as well Dipolma in Nursing Science & Midwifery. M Sc in Nursing course shall be offered from July 2020. Currently KNS&C has 700+ students. Since it started, 1079 nurses have graduated from KNS&C at different levels. Our nurses are serving with distinction in all the major hospitals in Bangladesh e.g. BMSSU, BIRDEM Hospital, Square Hospital, United Hospital, Apollo Hospital, ICDDRB, Popular Hospital, LabAid Hospital, Somorita Hospital, Azgor Ali Hospital, SFMMKPJ Hospital, CRP, Green Life Hospital, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, etc. Among the alumnae of KNMC are the  Deputy Registrar at BNMC, Principal at CRP Nursing College, Vice Principal at KNS&C, Assistant Professors at Grameen Calledonian Nursing College,  BIRDEM Nursing College and BSMMU Department of Graduate  Nursing, Lecturers at NIANER, United Nursing College, Prime Nursing College, Dhaka Shishu Hospital Nursing Institute, IBN Sina Nursing Institute, BRAC University Nursing Institute and Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute; Nursing Superintendents at CRP, United Hospital and Somorita Hospital, Nurse Managers at Square Hospital, ICDDRB and Azgor Ali Hospital. Also many of our nurses are serving abroad in the USA, Italy, Sweden, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Kumudini Women’s Medical College (KWMC) – Started in 2001, KWMC currently has 750+ students of which over 250 are from other countries. It provides MBBS and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degrees. Since its inception a total of 1048 students (909 Bangladeshis + 139 Foreigners) have graduated from the MBBS program, while 39 students have graduated from the BDS program.

From its inception the Trust has been actively involved in providing education to the masses, especially to the poor and disadvantaged group of the society. Having many years’ experience in the field of education, the Trust considers it to be an obligation to provide higher education through establishment of a university.